We play both kinds of music, loudly.

The Blazing Zoos are a country band from London, consisting of Andrew Mueller (vocals/guitar), Gen Matthews (drums, formerly of Jesus Jones), Jeremy Jones (guitar), and Lara Pattison (bass/vocals). They have been described by various well-respected critical journals as "phenomenally marvellous", "really rather good, in a barnstorming, country-punk sort of way", "more than capable" and "undoubtedly fun, but they also have depth". The Blazing Zoos confess to disappointment at the lack of reference to their rugged good looks, but assume this was taken as read.

I'll Leave Quietly

"I'll Leave Quietly" was produced by Mark Wallis (The Smiths, R.E.M., Alabama 3, Go-Betweens, U2, etc) and was released in 2010. It features features former Jesus Jones frontman Mike Edwards on lead guitar, Miss Black America guitarist Seymour Patrick on bass, Shetlandic chanteuse Astrid Williamson on backing vocals, Jesus & Mary Chain guitarist John Moore on saw, The Coal Porters' Neil Bob Herd on pedal steel, The Cedars' Jason Moffatt on banjo, Robin Colgan on keyboards and Matt Dupuy on additional bass. It's a concept album, which is to say that all other albums are a con, 'cept this. Ba-zing. Reviewers were generally quite nice about it except that one guy whom The Blazing Zoos still fully intend to crush LIKE A BUG when time permits. The Blazing Zoos are presently planning vaguely towards recording its successor.

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